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Research and development in biotechnology will continue to drive employment growth in India as well as in abroad.One of the common questions asked by the biotechnology aspirants is requirement of Ph.D. in biotechnology to get in to the biotechnology career? This is a wrong question. Ph.D. is not necessary to have career in biotechnology and they are numerous opportunities, which are generally categorized in to two major divisions. Research based and non-research based.

Research based

Many biological scientists work in research and development. Requires Ph.D. in a chosen or applied subject, which varies from cancer biology, vaccines, immunology, animal biotechnology, plant biotechnology namely so. There is growing demand for people with Ph.D. degree with specialization. It is also important to have degree from reputed institute for best success in academic institute or industry as well. Experts suggest, early years during Ph.D. requires dedication and long hours in laboratory and later years requires planning for postdoctoral training or getting started as young scientists as part of a core team. After developing specialized expertise, they further may read research team or run a lab.

Research based biotechnology career have two places to work, academic and biotech industry.

Academic - Many scientists held faculty positions in colleges, universities and research institutes funded by state and central governments. Almost half of all biological scientists were employed by the state and central government funded institutions. They have more freedom on their specialization research compared to people working in biotech industry. Their work funded by grants from government budget as research and development.

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Biotech industry - employ as scientist or team leader in R & D departments. This area is also called "discovery research". Because, their work involves discovering a new processes, drugs and technologies. They have less autonomous than academic researchers to choose the area of research, relying instead on the company products and goals. Scientists are increasingly working as a part of team interacting with engineers, business managers and technicians.

Non-Research based

A lot of job prospects in no-research based biotechnology sector for those who are not interested in independent research. Basically you don't required to have Ph.D. but requires Master degree, which is sufficient for the jobs in teaching, R & D departments and others.

Teaching - there are excellent teaching opportunities for people with good teaching skills not interested in lab. Readers and lecturer positions are plenty in universities, postgraduate and degree colleges.

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Biotech industry - most of the laboratory technicians have master degrees. The functions performed by technicians range from maintaining stocks of reagents and research supplies to performing or supervising routine operations and performing supervised research experiments. Later gaining some experience, they may become scientist with additional qualification and some training.

Others - such as consulting, patent law, and senior management positions require intimate knowledge of scientific fundamentals and research dynamics.

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by Rajasekhar N. PhD.

Author is expert in enzymology and presently residing in UK for postdoctoral studies. And also he is a moderator for helpBIOTECH


Centenial College said...

Ph.D can make your employment platform wider.The opportunities will be more.BioTechnology is so vast you can easily get accommodated if you have an inclination.

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Anonymous said...

i have done MSc biotech after doing BAMS. now i want to go for research on cancer. please suggest me what i should do for research in cancver, whom to contact and where i can go for research?

Amruta said...

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Amruta said...

I am Amruta.P.Jogalekar completing my BE Biotechnology awaiting for my final sem result.I am searching for non research based jobs.If any one such jobs pls inform me with details and u can mail me.i will be very thankful.

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